¡Descubre diferentes canales para vender tus artesanías online!

Discover different channels to sell your crafts online!

Currently, there are several ways to sell your crafts online. It can no longer only be done by having a physical establishment, which undoubtedly requires a larger start-up capital, now technology has allowed us to transcend these limits, allowing us to market our creations through the internet and that they can reach many places.

In this article we invite you to discover different channels to sell your handicrafts online in an easy and simple way and with a plausible economic investment.

Different channels to sell your handicrafts online:

Web Page

Having our own website will allow us to have a personalized showcase in which we can offer our craft creations in a broader way, since this tool allows us to show not only our crafts, but also guarantees us a letter of introduction of ourselves, our workshop or our artisan community. In one of our articles, we invite you to tell your story because by doing so you complement the process of creating and selling your products, with your own website you have the possibility to do so.

Remember that your website can be for direct sales or not, that is, you can have a virtual store where your customers can buy directly or you can have a merely informative website, where your customers can contact you via e-mail or telephone if they wish to make a purchase.

Social networks

Social networks are a very popular tool that you can use to sell your handicrafts in an easy and simple way. The success of social networks has increased so much that you can now create virtual stores directly on them where you can post your products, price them, add descriptions, view statistics and even create ads to advertise! Remember to have a good picture, tell your story and keep them updated for your store to be successful.


Marketplaces are online platforms where you can publish and advertise your products. You can find them specialized in national or international sales and even specialized in selling handmade products, this makes them an excellent way to sell your handicrafts online. The advantage of these large platforms is that they have a very well-structured logistical sales process and offer you several options to advertise your products if you would like to do so. Keep in mind that these platforms usually charge for publications and commission for each sale, so you should keep this in mind when setting the prices of the crafts you publish on them.

Strategic alliances

Strategic alliances are options for marketing handicrafts online or physically. For this you will have to look for commercial alliances with companies or stores, either physical or virtual, with which you can reach agreements that benefit both of you and that allow you to have a commercial showcase for your products.


¡Descubre diferentes canales para vender tus artesanías online!

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