5 Tips para tomar fotografías de artesanías y no morir en el intento

5 Tips to take pictures of handicrafts and not die trying to take them

Photography I

  We know that starting to market your handicrafts online can be a bit intimidating at first because there are many factors that must be taken into account to do it successfully, but don’t worry! we will help you do it.

Photography is one of those indispensable factors to market handicrafts online, so we will start with a series of articles dedicated to it. In this first article dedicated to the photography of handicrafts, we share with you 5 tips to take pictures of handicrafts and not die trying, in which we will focus specifically on how to take pictures of handicraft products for sale catalog or portfolio.

1. Photo format and unicolor background

The first thing we must define is the format that our photographs will have, if they will be square, vertical or horizontal; keep in mind that in online stores and social networks, the recommended format is square. On the other hand, the all-white background ensures that the artisan piece is the protagonist, and also facilitates the editing and cropping of the image to place it for example on a digital white background; however, if our craftsmanship is mostly white or very light colors, we can opt for a unicolor background of darker shades.

2. Photos from different angles!

We must remember that in the sale of handicrafts online, the customer will not be in person to see our crafts, so it is extremely important that the photographs are very detailed and that all the features can be seen, for this we recommend taking a minimum of 4 photographs:

  1. Main view: If we are going to sell our handicrafts online in a market for example, this would be our cover image for sale.
  2. Front view: It is used at an angle of 0 degrees (at table level) and allows to appreciate some shapes of the product.
  3. Side or back view: Used to dimension shapes and sizes..
  4. Detailed view: Highlights elements, textures, appliqués and materials that characterize our craftsmanship.

3. Do you have variation options?

You may have variations of the same handicraft, such as color or patterns. If so, we recommend that you also take pictures of these variations, so that you can show them to your potential customers online following the recommendations above.

4. Be careful with watermarks and logos

We understand that you may prefer to put your cooperative’s logo or watermarks to protect the copyright on your photographs. If so, remember that the logo or watermark should not steal the attention from the central piece. We recommend that you do not place them directly over the image of the handmade piece and that you prefer neutral colors.

5. Without fear of editing

Editing is a step that adds professionalism and attractiveness to your photographs, so we recommend that you do not skip this step. In case you use a cell phone to take pictures of your crafts, there are many applications with which you can do this editing easily, such as Lightroom or Snapseed. If you use a camera, Photoshop is an excellent option; however, be careful not to overdo the editing, as you could modify the color of your handicrafts and make the customer get a surprise when he receives his order.

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