Build customer loyalty! 3 gift ideas that will make your customers happy

Today we are launching a new section in which we will share with you some tips so you can build customer loyalty and cultivate a good business relationship with them. We know how important it is for you as an artisan and entrepreneur to get customers to make recurring purchases to your artisan unit and not just buy once. Getting someone who buys once, to do it again, depends closely on the experience they have before, during and after a purchase.

Taking advantage of the approaching Christmas and New Year’s holidays, we want to share with you a way to build customer loyalty in an easy and simple way with three gift ideas that will make your customers happy.


3 gift ideas that will make your customers happy


1. Special message

There is nothing like saying through words what we want to express to our fellow men. A special message is a very heartfelt and economical detail through which we can wish our customers, from a great day to a happy new year. In addition, the message is a very versatile detail, since you can send it physically, but also digitally.

Handwritten message

If you prefer to do it physically, you can send a card with a nice handwritten note that will certainly give a more personalized touch to the detail. As a plus, consider writing your client’s name at the beginning of the message so that it is not addressed in a generalized way and feels more personal. Remember that you can send it to all your recurring customers and you can also send it as part of the orders they place during these dates.

Digital message

Currently, the digital message is characterized by its practicality, as well as its versatility, because you can send it to any of your customers, regardless of the country where they live, from a digital card to a video where you express your wishes for these dates. You can use the tools offered by social networks for this purpose or you can send it by the means of communication you use most with your customers.

Corporate gifts

If it is feasible for you, consider sending your customers, in the orders they place during these dates, a corporate gift with some characteristics of your artisan unit or your personal brand. There are many corporate gifts, but consider that it should be one of your handcrafted creations because it will undoubtedly be more meaningful. Remember that if your handicrafts are very large, you can make a smaller and more convenient version to give as a gift.

3. Discounts

The third gift idea to make your customers happy is discounts. Discounts are undoubtedly a great idea to make your customers feel pleased, in addition to helping you generate more sales during this season. It can be from a discount on the price of a product, the famous 2 for 1, the discount from a certain amount, among others; also, remember that you can extend them to all your customers or you can do it only with those you prefer.

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