Why is Fairtrade important when buying handicrafts?

Do you know what Fairtrade is? Do you wonder why Fairtrade is necessary when buying handicrafts? Fair trade is nothing more than fair trade. In this article, we tell you about its importance when buying handicrafts.

First, we must keep in mind that handicrafts are handmade products. As they are not mass-produced products in an industrial manner, the processing time required for their preparation is significant, and their monetary value is also more.

In addition to the above, handicrafts are artistic and cultural representations of an artisan or ethnic community. On many occasions, they are manifestations of tradition transmitted from generation to generation and therefore have great symbolic value.

Despite all of the above, it is common for the craftsman to receive meager payments for his handicrafts, where his work depreciates. It means that many artisans do not have a decent life and that the new generations do not consider it profitable to dedicate themselves to the elaboration of handicrafts, causing the techniques transmitted through generations to be lost.

That’s the reason why Fairtrade is of the utmost importance when buying handicrafts. There are simple ways to do it. The first is to buy directly from the artisan. In this way, you make sure that he is the one who gives you the right price and receives the total of your payment. Another option is to acquire handicrafts through companies that have Fairtrade as one of their central objectives and that work directly with artisans. In this way, you also ensure that the artisan will receive a fair price for their work.

Fairtrade is of the utmost importance when buying handicrafts, regardless of handicraft type, and doing so is very simple. In this way, in addition to acquiring a unique product, you are supporting the local economy, culture, and tradition of artisan communities, an action of great social importance.

At Comolulo, we ensure you work directly with artisans as it is necessary to promote their work. Meet the artisans we work with here.

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By Carolyne González

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