Where to Buy Wholesale Wayuu Bags

Wayuu bags are a Colombian specialty admired and used in multiple countries around the world. Here are some tips for you to find great places where you can get high-quality Wayuu bags to add to your collection.

They provide great usability, are strong, long-lasting, and can be used for multiple purposes as well. Oh, and let’s not forget the stunning style it brings to your outfit and look!

  1. Visiting Colombia And Knowing Its Culture

The best and most reliable way to buying authentic Wholesale Wayuu Bags is to, well, visit the country itself :D! 

Visiting Colombia and learning all about our culture is a great idea as not only will it give you a chance to travel and gain knowledge about other cultures but will also give you a chance to buy wonderful souvenirs, handicrafts, and of course, the beautiful specialty – Wayuu bags. 

Going somewhere and learning their culture firsthand and experiencing its way of life is very good for you as it will increase your knowledge and will also allow you to get exposed to a new environment, which will also be good for the soul. 

  1. In Comolulo We Help You

Comolulo is driven by a passion for sharing our culture with the rest of the world and ensuring that our customers can experience it fully with the help of our high-quality products. 

Our Colombian artisans are constantly working to produce excellent products that can communicate our culture perfectly. 

You can buy Wholesale Wayuu Bags straight from our website as well. Feel free to browse all the products you want to buy and see if any bags need to be added to your shopping cart!

  1. Participating in Colombian Events

Now, this tip is even better than visiting the country. Every year in Colombia, important commercial events are held where exporting companies participate, including our very own Comolulo SAS. 

These events are a chance for Colombians to unite and celebrate their culture while also letting tourists get to know it better!

These are some of the main events held here: 

  • “Macrorrueda 85” organized by Procolombia.
  • Expoartesanias organized by Artesanias de Colombia.

Taking an active part in these events will be brilliant for you to get your hands on some great quality Colombian handicrafts and Wholesale Wayuu Bags.

Moreover, you will also be able to learn more about our diverse culture, make new friends, get to know our country better, and buy excellent handmade crafts!

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