¿What you should keep in mind before importing wholesale Wayuu Bags?

¿What you should keep in mind before importing wholesale Wayuu Bags?

Importing any product should be done carefully and through certified methods. Here are some things that you should strongly consider before you import Wholesale Wayuu bags.

  1. Buy from A Legally Incorporated Company

Choosing a legally incorporated company for your Wayuu bag supply is very important. It assures safe importing of the products and will also finalize your shipments in an orderly manner.

The delivery times, quality of the products, and international security will be ensured among relations with a certified supplier.

  1. Analyze Shipping Options

Wholesale Wayuu bags are very famous today and can be found in several countries throughout Asia, Europe, and North America; this allows you to view multiple suppliers and their shipping options as well. 

Shipping options are usually dependent on the amount and type of negotiation that has been carried out between the buyer and the seller. For smaller quantities, simple courier services are used whereas for international transportation, companies like FedEx, DHL, and UPS are used.

Moreover, the price, quantity, and other aspects of the order also create room for consideration in the shipping option that you should use. For example, when the quantity of a package exceeds a thousand units, the possibility of managing the import in another way should be considered.

  1. Take the Time into Account

As you look for Wayuu bags and other handicrafts, you should be planning out specific aspects like your plans with the products and how you’re going to market them, among other things. 

So, as you plan and strategize everything relevant to your business, you must also be crystal clear about the preparation times for the crafts and how long it will take for the transport company to deliver your order at home, or wherever else you like.

  1. Taxes and Customs

¿What you should keep in mind before importing wholesale Wayuu Bags?
¿What you should keep in mind before importing wholesale Wayuu Bags?

Analyzing cost and other financial aspects while sealing the deal with your Wholesale Wayuu bags supplier is crucial. You must take into account the charges for taxes and customs that your country will require when the crafts arrive there.

Every country has different requirements. Colombia, for example, has signed different free trade agreements, among which is the free trade agreement with the United States in force since May 15, 2012.

In the case that your country does not have a free trade agreement with Colombia, you will most probably be charged with a fee that can range from 12% to 30%, depending on the destination.

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