What Are the Wholesale Wayuu Bags Inspired By?

What Are the Wholesale Wayuu Bags Inspired By?

The Wayuu artisans weave their ideas and feelings into each bag they work on. Their expression of abstract concepts and inspiration from other notions play a significant role in showing Colombia’s great cultural value in the bags.

Let’s discuss the main factors that inspire the innovative designs on these super bags.

Nature – Fauna and Flora

Nature truly is a beautiful thing – the way the sun shines on the green grass in the morning, or how the intoxicating petrichor calms your senses, or how the symmetrical flock of sheep passing the street is so satisfying to watch, all are epic scenes brought about by nature.

These were just some examples of the amazing phenomena that nature blesses us with occasionally. And the marvelous artists behind the dazzling designs on the Wholesale Wayuu bags convey the beauty of nature to the world through their work.

As you may have noticed while looking through the various Wayuu bags among stores, many of them contain designs related to the sun, fruits, birds, and other flowers and animals.

Geometric and Abstract Figures

What Are the Wholesale Wayuu Bags Inspired By?

If you’re thinking about how math and geometry can be so revolting… hold on just a minute! To be honest with you, math can be fun if you understand what you’re doing, but that’s not why we’re here today!

The Wayuu artisans have the great inventive capacity to use shapes and abstract figures as inspiration for their designs. You can see such figures and styles on some of the designs on these Wholesale Wayuu bags and they are always pleasurable to look at.

Not only are they able to impress the people who come across them but they also do an excellent job in promoting their culture by using inspiration from shapes and structures that are recognized all over the world!

Isn’t it incredible how the artisans can come up with such brilliant designs by using inspiration from something so simple as mathematical shapes and other figures? 

Fashion Trends

Naturally, any artist would use the latest fashion trends and implement them in their work. Similarly, with the talented artisans behind Wholesale Wayuu bags, they browse the fashion trends and look into them for inspiration.

Plus, some Wayuu bags were even used at the LA Fashion Week Spring runway a few years ago. This also tells you how significant they have become in the fashion industry.

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