Use the special dates for the creation of your crafts!

The Christmas and New Year’s holidays are approaching, dates that are celebrated in almost every country in the world and that will serve as a pretext to innovate in our handcrafted creations and in our marketing process. But how to do it? In this article we give you some ideas to use the special dates in the creation and marketing of your handicrafts.

Special dates are powerful opportunities for the marketing of countless products, among which are of course handicrafts. Therefore it is of utmost importance that we keep in mind these dates in advance to design new products, make adaptations in some others and also to create marketing and commercialization strategies that allow us to access new markets or keep us in the top of mind of our customers.


Special dates for the creation of handicrafts!

Special editions

In advance, plan characteristic editions of your handicraft creations according to the special dates you prefer and with enough time to show them to your buyers, whether national or international, so that they can purchase them. This will allow your enterprise to continue being attractive to the market; remember that initially you will have to produce a prudent amount of handicrafts of a special edition and increase the production for those dates as your market requires it.

Special editions do not necessarily mean that you have to create a completely different craft than the ones you have already made. You can include small details referring to the special date you want to refer to. Details can range from color, prints, patterns, textures or calligraphy.

Special dates for the commercialization of handicrafts!

Marketing for your special edition handicrafts


Days before launching a special edition, create expectation in your customers by announcing that you will do it on a certain date. Interact with them dynamically through your social networks and your website if you have them. If that is not the case, you can create a flyer, an advertising flyer, with which you can show your customers through the means of communication that you both use regularly.


Interaction tools

Interaction with your customers is of utmost importance, not only to publicize your special edition crafts, but also to evaluate the opinion and reception they have from your buyers. You can do small surveys, sweepstakes, contests and ask for reviews to know what buyers think of your new creations, this information is of great value for your work.

Discounts, promotions and 2 for 1

For the promotion of your special edition, you can contemplate the possibility of giving a special launch price, if it is relative to the date you could offer a 2×1 purchase or offer a discount for the purchase of a certain amount of units and of course, you can also offer free shipping if the type and quantity of crafts allow it.

As you can see, special dates are an excellent opportunity to diversify your stock and make your handicrafts more attractive and differentiate yourself in the market. Do you take into account special dates for the creation of your handicrafts? We’ll read you in the comments!

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