Cómo vender artesanías al por mayor

Tell your story by selling your crafts wholesale!

As we have told you previously in our second article dedicated to the photography of handicrafts, most of our potential customers not only want to buy a handmade product of excellent quality, but also want to know what is behind each handicraft, so we invite you to tell your story by selling your handicrafts wholesale!

The history of each handcrafted creation is inherently linked to the history of its creators, your history! To do this we will share with you the following 3 tips with which we assure you that you will have more closeness with customers and this will allow you to have a better business relationship with them.

1. How long have you been an artisan?

Tell your customers how long you have been involved in handicraft work: many years, a few months, or perhaps since your youth? This information is directly related to your experience and will undoubtedly help you build trust with your customers. That is why we invite you to always mention your trajectory in the handicraft sector, as a popular saying goes: “experience is not improvised”. The technique with which you make your crafts, surely you have been perfecting it over time, and that is surely reflected in your creations.

2. Who taught you how to make your crafts?

It is very important that you share with others through whom you learned the craft you are dedicated to. In the case of handicrafts and all handmade products, the cultural value that is produced by sharing knowledge over time is of utmost importance, so do not forget to mention if you learned your technique or knowledge through several generations of your family or if you were self-taught.

3. Why do you dedicate yourself to making handicrafts?

We all have reasons why we decide to dedicate ourselves to some profession or job. As human beings, we always act according to these reasons that drive us to act. That is why it is important that you share the passion you feel when making your handicrafts, what you want to transmit through them, the legacy you want to leave with the elaboration of each handicraft piece, the dreams and desires you want to achieve through its commercialization. All this is part of why you dedicate yourself day by day to your work, and humanizes your work. Remember that the greatest value of handicrafts lies in the fact that they are handmade products.

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