How to import Wayuu handicrafts wholesale?

Do you want Wayuu handicrafts to be part of the handicraft portfolio you offer at the store, but you don’t know how to import them?

Don’t worry! In this article, we will explain how to import Wayuu handicrafts wholesale.

Wayuu handicrafts are one of the most famous Colombian handicrafts. They are made mainly by women of the Wayuu ethnic group, located in the north of the country in the department of La Guajira. They are very colorful and represent handicrafts of Colombian culture.

Importing wholesale Wayuu handicrafts or any handicraft does not have to be a stressful experience. It can be a way of getting to know the culture, an ethnic group, or an artisan community of a country. Importing Wayuu handicrafts is a simple process if you take into account the following steps:

  1. Buy handicrafts from a legally constituted company or store
  2. Analyze shipping options and prices
  3. Keep in mind the production, delivery, and shipping times
  4. Analyze tax and customs costs

By following these steps, you can import Wayuu handicrafts safely and successfully. Remember that it is essential that you take the time to make sure that you have all the necessary information before importing Wayuu handicrafts.

To learn more about each process, we invite you to read What You Should Keep in Mind Before Importing Wholesale Wayuu Bags?

If you have come this far and are undoubtedly interested in importing wholesale Wayuu handicrafts, please request your quote here.

What do you think about it? Have you ever imported Wayuu handicrafts? Leave us your comment. We would love to read it.

By Carolyne González

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