How to buy Wayúu handbags wholesale?

Wayúu bags are definitely handicrafts that attract attention, and they are a good investment for your boutique. If you have in mind to include them in your handicraft store, in this article we will explain how to buy wholesale Wayúu  handbags with confidence and success.

Buy Wayúu  handbags wholesale

To buy wholesale Wayúu handbags in our experience, you must follow these steps, and we guarantee that the process will seem simple, and you will not make some common mistakes when you place your first order of wholesale Wayúu handbags.

Be very clear about what you want!

The offer of Wayúu  bags is huge, the size, the designs, the colors are infinite, for this reason it is important to be very clear about what kind of Wayúu  bags you would like to include in your store, this way you will save time and money.

Look for good suppliers

Just as the supply of bags is wide, there are also many suppliers. To choose a good supplier, consider the following: 

  • That it is the artisan directly, associated artisans or a company that practices Fair Trade.
  • In case you choose an associated artisan or a company, prefer those that are legally constituted.
  • Production capacity in the quantity of Wayúu bags you need.

Clarify your doubts

Once you have prospects for the supplier, we advise you to ask everything you have in mind. Don’t be shy and ask everything, prices, delivery time, custom orders and more.

Sample and small order

Surely you have in mind an order with a certain quantity of Wayúu  bags; however we invite you to place a much smaller order if it is the first time you work with a supplier, including all the types of Wayúu  bags you are interested in, so you can analyze first hand the quality, characteristics of the Wayúu  bags, delivery time and shipping.

Taxes and customs

Once you have clarified the number of Wayúu  bags in your order, ask about the taxes and customs charges in your country for the quantity and type of product.

Quote in

This is the last step before placing an order. When you have decided on the type of Wayúu bags and quantity, request a quote with all the details, including product prices and shipping.

This is the way to buy Wayúu  bags wholesale that will allow you to save money and avoid headaches, we assure you! Are there any other tips to keep in mind when buying Wayúu bags wholesale?


By Carolyne González

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